Senior Pet Health

At Paramount Animal Care our goal is lifelong health for your pet. Whether you are adopting a new puppy or have had a beloved pet for years we are here for you in all life stages.

Our pets age faster than we do and are experts at hiding pain and disease. It is critical to have them checked at least twice yearly so we can make sure they are staying as healthy and happy as possible.  Often recommendations are made to have radiographs, blood work and/or urine testing done at these visits to make sure we are screening your pet for anything that may be hiding from the naked eye.

We know how much your pets mean to you and are here to remind you that their care is PARAMOUNT to us! And we are here to help guide each step of the way.

We offer a wide range of pain management protocols to help those pets that may be ailing. We recommend that you bring your pet to see us so we can make the absolute best specific recommendations for your senior pet.

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Caring for an Older Pet FAQs

Please contact our office to schedule your senior wellness exam at any time.
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